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Live Music every Friday and Saturday Night

Here at Hisar Friday and Saturday nights are music night. If you enjoy great authentic food, fantastic music and the warmest company in Orpington then look no further... Our resident musician Ed will take you on a nonstop trip through the melodies of the past and the present.
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Belly Dance Show every Friday and Saturday Night

Every Friday and Saturday make a date to enjoy authentic Turkish Cuisine and ambiance at Hisar Meze Bar. Come and enjoy our beautiful live belly dance show.
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    Modern Turkish food started life in the Sultans kitchens of Topkapi palace.

    It was during the rule of the Ottomans that Topkapi palace was built (1466-1478) in the newly conquered capital (Istanbul) of the Empire by Mehmet II.

    The Sultan’s always liked new, tasty food to try out and so they sent out their best chefs out to every corner of the Ottoman Empire to bring back the best dishes that they could.

    And so when the cooks came back they set out to perfect and improve the dishes to the best they could be, ready to be served to the Sultan’s.

    This all started the competition between the cooks to who could best please their master by preparing special dishes of their own.

    The sultan showed pleasure by giving rewards. And so the Ottoman palace was and still is considered the centre of Ottoman Turkish cooking where the best creative chefs of theempire were trained to produce the world renown Turkish cuisine of today

    The Success of the Turkish Cuisine Today

    Turkish food is regarded as one of the world’s great cuisines. Today, travellers are discovering Turkey, and dining well.

    The Mediterranean diet, which includes Turkey’s, is considered a healthy diet to follow. “Everyone loves Turkish food,”a ceramics dealer confided in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. The Success of the Turkish Cuisine Today