Baklava (Home Made) £4.50
A rich sweet pastry filled with chopped pistachios and
sweetened with honey syrup served with vanilla ice cream.

Sütlaç (home-made) £4.25
Traditional Turkish rice pudding with a hint of orange zest
and cinnamon.

Cream Brulee’ £5.25
A vanilla custard base with a delicious caramelised brown
sugar topping.

Dark and Deadly Gateau £4.75
Combination of dark chocolate fudge sandwiched between
layers of moist chocolate flavour mouse, then smothered
chocolate flavour coating & finished with dark chocolate pieces

Homemade Chocolate Brownie £4.95
Served with ice cream.

Cheese Cake of the day £4.50
Every day a new flavour cheese cake, Please ask your server for detail.

Mango £4.50
Coconut ice cream and mango sorbet with a heart of meringue
and topped with a raspberry, a lychee & kiwi slice.

Ice Cream Selection £4.25
Choice of three scoops: vanilla with pod, chocolate
chips, strawberry with pieces, and Honeycomb.

Sorbets £4.50
Choice of three scoops: Lemon sorbet, Bellini Sorbet,
and mojito sorbet very refreshing …

Kid’s Ice Cream £2.75
Vanilla ice cream contained in a novelty souvenir toy.




CUP TEA £2.10 POT TEA £2.95
Bio English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jasmine Tea, Green Tea etc.
Natural Bio Fruits, Peppermint, Apple Fruits, Camomile etc.

(Please ask the waiter’s for any other variety of tea available)
Caffè Latte £2.30
Cappuccino £2.10
Espresso £1.95
Double Espresso: £2.75
Filter coffee £1.95
Floater coffee £2.50
TurkishCoffee (Please ask waiter if available) £1.75
Hot Chocolate £2.45
Liqueur Coffee: £5.75

Your choice of liqueur topped with double cream.
Irish Whisky, Tia Maria, Brandy, Kahlua, Amaretto etc

Brandy 25ml 50ml
House brandy £3.20 £5.20
Hennessy £3.70 £5.50
Janneau VSOP £3.90 £5.75
Courvoisier VS £4.20 £6.25
Martell VSOP £4.30 £6.50
Remy Martin VSOP £4.70 £6.95
Hennessy XO £7.25 £11.00
Ports 50ml
House port £2.95
Taylors £3.50
Vintage Port £3.95
Late Vintage Port £4.50
Liqueurs 50cl
Amaretto £3.80
Baileys £3.80
Tia Maria £3.80
Kahlua £3.80
Cointreau £3.95
Drambuie £3.95
Grand Marnier £3.95
Liqueurs 25cl
Sambuca (white) £2.95
Sambuca (black) £2.95
Tequila (white) £2.95
Tequila (gold) £3.10
Tequila (rose) £3.25

Layered shot: 50ml £4.30

B52 - The original layered shooter with
Kahlua coffee liqueur, Baileys and Cointreau.

Buttery Nipple with an Attitude £4.30

Sambuca, Baiyles, creme de cacao

Jagerbomb - Jagermeister £4.20

meaning hunt master, is a German bitter liqueur.
Dating from the seventh century it is made of
a complex blend of 56 herbs, fruits and
served with red bull.